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The FileZilla Server is a flexible and mature product, allowing you to run an FTP server as a standard program or as a service.

It is highly configurable, which makes it suitable for both fixed and portable installations. Uniform Server uses this flexibility to provide a dynamic server that integrates into the Uniform Server architecture, providing a pre-configured portable ftp server with minimal configuration. In addition, the server can be used on another machine as a stand-alone server.

No restrictions are imposed by Uniform Server, allowing for a standard implementation and configuration of the FileZilla Server. It is important you change this password at the first opportunity. Changing the password will stop this annoying prompt. Moving Uniform Server folder UniServerZ and all its content to a different location, the ftp root path is updated to match the new location.

You can create Vhosts using UniController and manually assign ftp users and paths to the Vhost root folders. So long as the ftp root paths are within folder UniServerZ , paths will automatically update when moving the servers.

Note: Paths outside UniServerZ are not portable and require manually updating. Root paths configured in the FileZilla configuration file are automatically updated. This only applies to file paths contained within folder UniServerZ. The FileZilla control application is design to be essentially a click and go application.

A pre-configured user has been implemented; for security, you only need to change the user password. A single button control starts and stops the FileZilla server. You can access the FileZilla Interface with a single button click Start Interface ; this interface provides full configuration of the FileZilla server.

Use the FileZilla interface to change or delete the pre-configured user; for details, refer to the FileZilla Basic Configuration page, which covers adding new users and privileges.

Uniform Server FileZilla Controller runs the server as a standard program. When using FZ Controller, nothing is installed to your operating system’s registry. This is ideal for development, especially when running from a USB memory stick, since you do not have to perform anything special to stop or remove the server.

Before UniServer FileZilla Controller is displayed, the change user password warning pop-up is displayed. Click Ok to continue.

Before installing and running FileZilla as a service, ensure it is properly configured by running it as a standard program, as explained above. Note: Running as a service adds data to the Windows registry; the server is no-longer portable. Benefit of running as a service: server automatically starts when the host PC re-starts. Run them as follows:. The following is a step-by-step guide for configuring and running a stand-alone FTP server.

The primary use for such a server is to transfer database backup archives to another PC connected to the same network. Note: You can perform this test on your current PC. However, if you followed the examples above, ensure the FileZilla server is not running or installed as a service. Before continuing, create two test files test1. As stated above and repeated here, UniServer FileZilla Controller runs the server as a standard program.

Generally, no need to change this. Change Port : Standard port is Preferably, do not change this. Save changes : Click this button to save new configuration changes. Change the user password and click Save changes button. Click Start FZ Server button. Starts the FileZilla server. Quick Test: Start your browser. Run the quick test and confirm the expected results.

All files test1.



Filezilla ftp server portable

Built for Debian (Bullseye) 64bit edition. It is highly recommended to use the package management system of your distribution or to manually compile. Download FileZilla Server for Windows (64bit x86) The latest stable version of FileZilla Server is Please select the file appropriate for.


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